Marine Upholstery & Trimming in Southampton

SEW Trim (Trim & Upholstery) has built a premier reputation serving a variety of happy clients in the marine industry. From small boats to large cruise ships, our technicians handcraft bespoke upholstery with cutting, sewing and trimming techniques to serve any domestic or commercial client.

Sew Trim & Boat Upholstery in Southampton

Marine Upholstery & Trimming in Southampton

- Bringing Design Ideas To Life -

Our talented team can create quality covering based on customer requirements, or even work with clients to bring design ideas to life which blend into and accentuate the existing surroundings. As well as crafting unique coverings for seating in any marine vessel, including navy ships, we also have significant experience designing upholstery and converting furniture to contain under-seat storage.

For any small or large upholstery work on marine transport in Southampton, get in touch with SEW Trim (Trim & Upholstery) today.

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